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Client Solutions

We help companies across the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas, and we are known for providing a complete recruitment service.

Understand and Deliver

Stratum has a reputation for completing assignments with an appointment in the first round of applications. By truly understanding our clients, the job role, and the dynamics of the person you are trying to recruit, we are able to deliver successful recruitment results faster.

We understand that your time and resources are precious, and better spent doing your job rather than ours. This is why you will receive a specialist consultant who is experienced in your industry, and who will manage the entire process. After meeting you, they will undertake everything from advertising, researching, headhunting, initial qualification, and the first round of interviews; allowing you to get on with your work and only investing your time interviewing top talent candidates.

Reputation and Results

After speaking with numerous companies across the multiple industries, we realised one of the major problems our clients faced with recruitment firms, was a lack of real understanding their business and staffing needs. This resulted in a prolonged recruitment timescale and furthermore, a lot of client time was needed to check and qualify applications prior to interviewing.

Our results speak volumes, with nearly all candidates we submit being called to interview and an interview to placement ratio of 3:1. This means our clients generally only need to spend 3 hours interviewing before they can make an appointment.